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Austin N. (26) Fat Loss & Body Sculpting Patient

Austin came to Edge Body Sculpting to get back his six pack abs & sculpt his lats. His room mate & others were skeptical, but his girlfriend was curious enough to stick around for the first treatment. She's a believer & has been with him on every appointment since. Thank you Maddie for supporting him!

There's no better feeling than feeling good about yourself. Austin is 4 treatments through his 15 treatment series package. He's having excellent results & is following all protocols. Great Job!

Michelle W. Fat Loss & Body Sculpting Patient - Day 6

First, I want to thank Michelle for doing this brief video. She was such a sweet heart to let me ambush her like this after her 6th treatment! There was no rehearsing as usual with any of our patients, just raw testimony expressing their sentiments.

Michelle is in really good shape, & didn't need much, but has some stretch marks from motherhood & also wanted a little sculpting in her midsection & to even out her left flank. Pictures of her journey will be posted soon! Thanks Michelle!