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Ultrasonic Cavitation, Laser Lipo & Radio Frequency


Frequently Asked Questions



I am pregnant, will you treat me with ultrasound or other fat loss or body sculpting procedures?

No. We will not treat pregnant women. The following restrictions also apply to RF & Laser Lipo treatments as well. The ultrasound procedure known as the sonogram, is not performed at the same frequency (Khz) that we apply during your fat loss treatment. Diagnostic, ultrasonographic or other medical use ultrasound applications have in most cases been deemed safe, but we will not under any circumstance treat someone who is pregnant...just to be safe.

WARNING: Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) is a real & under reported risk from Cool Sculpting. It is for this & other health reasons we will not offer Cool Sculpting. Pregnant women & those who could become pregnant should consult a physician before considering Cool Sculpting treatments.

What Medical conditions or diseases contraindicate treatment?

Please call to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific health concerns. These treatments are well tolerated by most individuals. We have treated patients from the University of Michigan who had experimental electrical implants, people with fibromyalgia, depression, Raynaud's syndrome, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, referrals from plastic surgeons who had liposuction, athletes, body builders, people with severe stretch marks, scarring, etc. Our patients have been doctors, nurses, models, law enforcement, actors, dancers, mothers, yes everyone with all manner of health concerns. Contact us today with any questions.

Is this a weight loss ( fat loss ) procedure? 

It is a painless, no down time, non-medical, targeted, fat loss procedure, with permanent fat loss results. As any scientist who specializes in fat loss can tell you; fat loss is sequential: 1) First, your body consumes the "blood sugar"/glucose, for energy from the last meal you ate, then 2) Glycogen, or stored sugar/carbs is consumed ( FYI: There's only about 24-48 hours of the stuff stored in your liver, & to a lesser extent your muscles) then 3) Your body finally starts to tap into your fat stores, but only AFTER the absence of ANY energy, because for most of us, let's admit it, who's going to go 48 hours or more without food voluntarily?! Ask me about my 32 day water only fast. I learned a lot from some of the world's foremost experts on fasting...anyway, the point is, any scientist will tell you since weight loss is sequential, the fat you'll lose LAST is the fat everybody hates the most, the fat you see... the fat laying right under your skin..and that's the fat we target & eliminate through specially designed & calibrated technology that has actually been in use for decades worldwide! Too bad the US is slow to adopt things sometimes. Ask me about my time living outside the US.  : )

How many treatments are needed till I start seeing fat loss results?

This is the most common question we receive along with, "Is it safe, & what are the side effects?". We'll get to those questions in a bit. So, first, how many treatments are needed? About 86 treatments & you'll be a whole new person. Or will have lost an entire person! No, seriously though, the treatments work the same every single time, meaning that every time you have an ultrasound or laser treatment, you lose fat, every time you have RF, it stimulates collagen/elastin growth & gives you tighter & smoother skin! Most see excellent results after 10 - 15 treatments. Most patients are so happy that they come back for maintenance sessions a few times a year. Some reach their goals & don't need treatment for many years. Consult with us today to start your fat loss & body sculpting program!

Is this a replacement for diet & exercise?

Absolutely not. We come from the health & wellness industry & strongly recommend a total healthy & well rounded approach to mind & body success. If you need any recommendations to dietitians, fitness coaches, or others, just let us know. Other than that, please consider our services as part your fat loss & detoxification program.

Is it safe & are there side effects?

For most people who are not contraindicated, i.e. pregnant women, yes, the FDA has cleared it as safe over 10 years ago, & it's been used in over 50 countries way before that. Many patients, including myself & my wife, experience a sense of calm shortly after treatment commences & some even fall asleep!

How does it detoxify the body? 

Good question. Trapped within excess fat cells are heavy metals & other toxins that poison the body. When we liquefy the excess fat, out come the toxins! Your body is able to then dispose of them naturally. Also, trapped within your superfluous adipose tissue or excess fat cells, are vitamins A, D, E, & K. When these are released into your bloodstream, get are going to feel good! 

What protocols should I follow before & after treatments?

We will discuss these with you in detail during your consultation. But, one thing to keep in mind, is to increase your water consumption & reduce your intake of alcohol & caffeine prior to & after treatments. We also encourage our patients to try to stay lightly active after treatment so as to aid the body in metabolizing & eliminating the fat. All patients who follow these basic steps will continue to experience greater fat loss over the next 72 hours. In fact, it's in part for this reason that the FDA recommends treatments to be separated by 72 hours or more. Many patients tell us that their clothes start to feel a little "looser" a few days later! Call me today for more information.