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Ultrasound & Radio Frequency For Targeted Fat Loss

This brief video explains how safe & pain free Ultrasound Cavitation is for Fat Elimination. It's been used successfully in more than 50 countries for more than a decade, & in France & Italy alone for over 20 years, and now is becoming more common & popular in the U.S. Since introducing it to Ohio, in the past 3 years, thousands of patients have been safely & effectively treated. My wife & I have personally been treated dozens of times with no negative side effects!

Non-invasive Ultrasonic Cavitation

This video reiterates that these procedures have been around a long time, & used everywhere from Japan to Europe for decades. They've become highly advanced in the 10 years since the FDA approved it. The machines we use have the most advanced piezoelectric crystal designed by German engineers that powers the transducer, that "melts" the fat. The balance of the machine is  made & assembled right in the US. It's the best there is, hands down.  You experience best results after about 10 treatments.

Ultrasonic Cavitation For Fat Loss Explained

This brief video from NBC's The Drs. explains more about cavitation for fat loss, how long treatments typically are, & one patient's experience along with before & after photos.

About Us

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Fat loss technicians

All equipment, training, & medical consultations are provided primarily by Fortune Management Systems (Formerly Tristar Aesthetic Technologies) to all technicians & staff. Available to us are also consulting doctors & trainers. We employ aestheticians for facial treatments as needed, otherwise all treatments are provided by trained technicians such as myself from the local area. Call today for a consultation!

Our History


We are a decentralized collective of healthcare & fitness related professionals. Between our various partners we have over 40 years experience & maintain a focus on the targeted fat loss & aesthetics industry. From conducting audiological exams on patients, to launching new gyms, & teaching general dentists how to place their first implant, we have a varied array of health, cosmetic, medical, & fitness experience. We are international dealers in industry equipment & also own & operate specially calibrated ultrasound units to achieve the aesthetics goals of our patients. I am also a rep for BTL, the world's largest aesthetics company.  I am also one of only 3 owners in Ohio that operate these advanced sculpting machines. Thus, I am quite familiar with the aesthetics world. With a few simple steps, you can reach your fat loss & aesthetics goals today!

Our mission

Happy fat loss patient

Our mission? Simple. To make you feel alive! To make you smile & laugh & feel as happy as my daughter & her new friend there in the Bahamas! And sometimes all it takes is just a little spark to set you on fire down a new path to a better body & a whole new confidence. Forget about what the media or your social circle thinks about body image & wellness. What do you think? How do you feel? Most people dislike something about their appearance...and...wait for it...there's nothing wrong with that! As long as we don't let it or other's views control us. So if you want EBS to target an area on your body for fat loss & a more toned & defined look, then so be it, we will make it happen! Contact us today!

Start Down A New Road


Ultrasonic Cavitation (Eliminates Fat Cells)

Using the most advanced, non-invasive, targeted fat loss technology available, technicians sculpt a patient's body by eliminating fat cells through a process called cavitation. Cavitation occurs when the advanced piezoelectric crystal, designed by the best German engineers in the world, sends ultrasonic waves by means of the transducer into the subdermal layers of skin to create bubbles around the fat cells (adipose tissue) resulting in liquefaction of the stored triglycerides, thus resulting in permanent & painless fat loss! The balance of the machine is made right here in the US & assembled here as well. It is the finest industrial quality, ultrasonic fat loss machine on the planet.

WHEN I WAS IN CALIFORNIA ON BUSINESS, DOCTORS WERE CHARGING $1,500 - $3,000 PER TREATMENT! We offer whole packages of 10-15 treatments in that range!

Lipo Sculpt Lite Laser (Shrinks Fat Cells)

Using soft/warm low level LED lights, we can shrink pockets of unwanted fat anywhere on the body, even the neck! If this treatment is deemed necessary, depending on body type & other factors, when used first, it makes the ultrasound more effective, especially in those with more fat to lose. As ultrasound is not applied anywhere above the rib cage, Laser Lipo is quite versatile & as effective as ultrasound when applied correctly. Patients can relax by themselves with this treatment as paddles are gently strapped to the treatment area & then simply removed after treatment. There is no transducer for a technician to operate.


OUR PACKAGE PRICING IS ONLY in the $125 - $150 Range

RF/Radio Frequency (Stimulates Collagen Growth, Tightens & Lifts Skin)

RF technology is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, eliminating or reducing cellulitis & stimulating collagen growth anywhere on the body. It has been successfully used to lift & tighten skin after fat loss procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons will often recommend RF if it is available after a patient undergoes liposuction or other invasive surgery, as it reduces the effects of scarring & helps heal the affected area. We are very proud to offer this treatment, especially in conjunction with fat loss treatments, as there can sometimes be lose skin that needs lifted after various fat loss procedures. It's used for non-invasive face lifts, butt lifts, breast lifts, & more.


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